Whilst I was over home in Alexandria, VA for dat Thanksgrizzlin’, I had the distinct and much-too-rare privilege of hanging out with America’s Most Awesome and Adorable Child, my godson Liam. As you can plainly see, among his many awesomenesses is his discerning palate for fusilli and gourds.

I reflected on the prospect of becoming a godfather on The Road 2 Shambala about a year ago. Recently, my also-awesome (there are SO MANY AWESOME PEOPLE, you guys) fellow PITizen Miz Ariel Karlin invited me to perform in her new storytelling show, the theme of which is “Do What’s In Your Heart.” I’d received some much-appreciated feedback when I initially posted the godfather piece suggesting that it might play well in a story-slam environment, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to try it out.

As I was preparing for the show, I realized that I am coming to the end of my first year as a godfather, a period of my life in which my achievements include:

  • Increasing my credit card debt by a few shmerzand dollars
  • Getting dumped by my girlfriend of six years
  • Drinking alcohol on most weeknights. Also weekends.

I believe they refer to those as “Sterling Adult Credentials.”

Liam, my li’l bunky: when you git famous off dem food reviews, don’t forget about your ol’ Godpappy, y’heard?

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