Welcome, Internet Traveler

Whether by design or no, you have arrived at my web site, on the Internet.  I say unto you, “Welcome!”  You may be saying to yourself, “There is not much here.”  I say unto you, “Pizsh!  If you would but take a moment to click upon a link or three, you shall discover more about me than you ever could have hoped.  Information regarding my adventures through the wilds of acting and podcasting are available to you via the links in the header, and in this section which you are currently reading you might find just about anything—for example, I’m about to post a video of Laura Marling playing one of her songs in-studio at WNYC’s Spinning on Air.

BAM!  See, that just happened.  Why have I posted this video?  Because I have been powerless to get its beauty out of my head since first I stumbled upon it.

Things of this kind, along with God Knows What Else, will appear in this space from time to time, although I must confess that this will likely occur with no predictable schedule or thematic continuity.  It is, as they say, better that way, for that is the way it be in me brains, dear Internet Traveler.  

So!  I say unto you once again, welcome—and thank you for visiting.