A while back, myself and the enigmatic genius G-Whiz formulated a plan of amazingness and glory.  You guys know the show How I Met Your Mother, right?  How awesome it is and all?  WELL NOW—what is perhaps the single most fantastic thing about it?

PENCILS DOWN—if you wrote “The fact that this group of friends always hangs out at the same bar no matter what, and that it becomes a common backdrop for their hilarious adventures,” you are correct and receive 87 Dingman Points, redeemable at the Web’s finer e-commerce sites.  Accordingly, Gerrit and myself surmised that what we’d better do is set up a weekly drinking meetup at a local bar in Brooklyn, we we are fortunate to live among many of our closest chums and boon companions. 

The plan has worked swimmingly—the invite goes out every Thursday to a large email list of fine and funky peoples.  Some critics point to the fact that rather than always meeting at one bar, like the characters on HIMYM, we instead go to a new watering hole every week for the purposes of exploring the various neighborhood vibes.  Sue us, ye naysayers!  We will not even bother to read the legal documents you serve us with, for we are drunk.

The job of writing the weekly invite email rotates according to no particular system or protocol, but I had the privilege of writing this week’s, which went like this:

If you find yourself in Prospect Heights this eve, come on by and say hello!

P.S. “RBN” stands for “Regular Bar Night.”  And people who attend are deemed “Regular Bar Knights.”  Doesn’t that rule?