Marshall York Sings Your Love Life


Folks!  Marshall York (of Borealis and 31 Songs/31 Days fame), will be improvising love songs based on YOUR suggestions on The Sam Dingman Show this Monday 2/13! 

For a very special Valentine’s Day edition of Vital Topics, we’ll be asking the Marvelous Mister Marshall to improvise a love song based on your submissions in the following categories:

  • Worst Valentine’s Day EVAH
  • Best Valentine’s Day EVAH
  • A Message For My Secret Crush
  • A Message For My Public Crush
  • A Message For My Ex
  • Anything Love Related, Basically

You can send submissions to, or right here in Tumbleville!  Please submit by the end of the day on Saturday, 2/11.  It’s gonna be lovetastic!  What say you?

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