I used to carry around a little hand-held digital recorder and talk to myself when I would go driving, and on today’s episode of The Taxi Tapes you’ll hear an excerpt from those recordings.  

It was really interesting to listen back through these ramblings, and one of my favorite things is hearing the radio in the background.  The radio was, as you might imagine, a constant companion during those long 12-hour shifts, and I used to constantly pull over to write down the titles of songs that played on WFUV, which is far and away the greatest radio station in the universe.  

On this particular day, I have written in my journal, among others, Catch My Disease by Ben Lee.  This just so happens to be the theme song to TBTL, my favorite radio show.  Listening to TBTL for the first time in 2009 completely changed my life; it’s jovial concoction of humor, sincerity, and love made me start to believe again after a period of some pretty serious doubt.  Taxi driving was, of course, a fairly life-changing experience as well, and the idea that these two experiences were in dialogue with one another before I even realized it is quite pleasing to think about indeed.

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