I am very excited to re-launch The Road 2 Shambala podcast.  This show was previously sort of a wide-ranging talk show that endeavored to imitate the inimitable TBTL. A sign of respect for that marvelous program to be sure, but something of an insurmountable task, as TBTL is legendarily unique in its magic and power, and also wide-ranging talk shows require production resources that I simply do not possess.  Additionally, I realized that podcasting is most valuable to me as a regular outlet for new writing efforts; a way of forcing myself to produce something on a weekly basis that will hopefully feed the creation of new live shows like The Taxi Tapes and Sam Dingman’s Reasonable Doubt.

Speaking of which, the centerpiece of Exit 31 is an excerpt from that latter production, my first solo show, as performed at the PIT this summer.  It tells the story of a fateful conversation with my former bellhop co-worker Rey, who informed me one drunken afternoon that he could see the future.  This episode also contains an update on the epic struggle between giants and cowboys, as well as some dope rhymes from our house poet Perry Meters.

I hope you dig it! 

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