Hork! (The Studio Version)

We did it!  After many many many many many many many many hours of re-writes and even more many’s of editing, Audience of Two’s first original radio play (featuring many of your favorite PIT all-stars) is available for downloading here.  

This project was an absolute blast and positively riddled with nostalgia.  Ben, Gerrit and I started working together in 2001 at Swarthmore College—Gerrit and I had a radio show called Audience of Two on the campus radio station (WSRN), and in 2003 Gerrit wrote this episode called “Hork!” that was so deliciously strange and complex it defied our then-feeble radio production skillz and melted our not-yet-fully-formed minds.  It still does that today, actually—but now we have a bit more time on our hands (not the way that’s supposed to work, but that’s a different story) and the resources of the PIT to stock our vocal roster, so we decided to take another crack at it.  Although the live version didn’t quite go off as smoothly as I’d hoped (through no fault of our dynamite cast, but rather through the fault of Guitar Center selling me a busted Mackie 1642-VLZ3), the studio version represents the best version of the story we’re currently able to tell, and I hope you’ll do us the honor of checkin’ it out.  HORK!

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