Brian Lehrer on Baltimorons


EPISODE 47: Going Deep (w/ WNYC’s Brian Lehrer)

We are joined by public radio legend Brian Lehrer, who, for reasons unknown, agreed to join us for a highly ridiculous quiz in which we force him to guess the team allegiance of various callers. Prior to that, he pretty much nails in 30 seconds that which has eluded us for 47 episodes and counting, ie: The Reason Baseball Is So Alluring.

We also offer some customarily incisive thoughts on the current state of the Orioles starting pitching corps, the legacy of The Red Baron, and Matt Wieters ongoing offensive struggles.


I am beyond thrilled to report that Alan and I had the opportunity to talk baseball with WNYC’s Brian Lehrer on this episode of Baltimorons.  Brian’s show is one of the jewels of New York public radio, and features robust debates on everything from controversial local police ordinances to immigration reform.  Brian is a nimble, sensitive, and brilliant host, and the fact that he was willing to take a few minutes to get silly about baseball with Alan and I is a memory I’ll cherish for a long time.  

Additionally, I listened to his show religiously when I was a cab driver, and as you’ll know if you’ve listened to any of my taxi-themed Dingmantics episodes, that wasn’t exactly the best time in my life.  Brian’s voice was a daily source of comfort, and kept my eyes open to the complexities of world beyond my dashboard.  I didn’t exactly tell him this on the phone during the interview because I was busy swooning and barely being able to form words, and it’s unlikely he’ll see this post, but I wanted to get it out there anyway.  Thanks, Brian.

On a related note, Alan and I would love to know what you think of the podcast, as we’ve been working extra-hard lately to bring you great guests and more carefully-curated content.  Drop us a line at with any feedback—we’d really appreciate it.  Thanks, as always, for tunin’ in! 

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