"Baggage" at QED next week!

Poster design by  Jacob Brown

Poster design by Jacob Brown

Baggage, my solo storytelling show about working as a bellhop in New York City, will have its second performance next week at QED in Astoria. I did the piece for the first time as part of the PIT's annual SOLOCOM festival back in November, but this time there's a little something new: a show poster featuring the artistic stylings of Jacob Brown.

Jacob's a marvelous improviser and sketch comedian who left New York last year for the sunnier climes of Los Angeles, but his original artwork has been one of the best-kept secrets of the local comedy scene for years. I wrote to him with a fairly vague notion of what I thought might look good on a poster for my show, and within a couple weeks he produced the image you see above, about which there is much to love. In particular, I think we can agree, the moon, who is very concerned about my well-being.

I hope you'll come check out the show next week - tickets are available here for just $10! 

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