Homemade Radio from Sam Dingman

I'm on the Radio

I had the opportunity to perform one of my taxi stories at a Moth Grand Slam a while back, and this week I'm really thrilled to have the performance featured on the Moth Radio Hour. It's a piece about how sometimes New York City is real purty and magic, and how driving a taxi there is glorious and horrible at the same time.

"Hypotheticals" (a bite-size sound spectacle)

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Team Sunshine Performance Corporation on an audio theater production. Over the course of two weekends, I worked with director Tommy Butler, musician Michael Ferrara, and actors Ben Camp and Jenna Horton to create the story of Duncan and Zephyr, two Philadelphians who are trying to figure out what they mean to one another.

Team Sunshine makes collectively devised plays from scratch (their recent The Sincerity Project is one of the most audacious productions I've ever seen), and while I have some experience working that way as an actor, this was my first opportunity to function explicitly as a sound designer and audio producer in a theatrical environment. I'm very excited by the piece we generated, and hope you enjoy it! Headphones recommended.

Welcome to WALT.FM

Whew! Finally completed the migration to WALT.FM (from an old Tumblr page which previously served as my online boudoir).

I am pleased to welcome you to my new digs - please poke around and enjoy the various bits of audio fiddle-faddle. If you're interested, why not sign up for the WALT newsletter? Click the link in the sidebar to keep abreast of upcoming shows and newly-released audio sweetness. I promise to email you only when I have something awesome to share. 


Adam Wade: Debbie

Adam Wade (The Moth Radio Hour, Snap Judgement) tells the story of his childhood friend Debbie, who helped him keep a closely-guarded secret.

Adam is an 18-time winner of the Moth Story Slam and a 2-time winner of the Moth Grand Slam. He’s been featured on The Moth Radio Hour, Snap Judgement, All Things Considered, the New York Times, and Time Out New York. Currently, he’s blogging about the meals his sweet Italian landlady cooks him at Sundays With Marie.

Dingmantics 38: The Whinging of the Trees

International corporate scandal.  OK Cupid love poems.  An elegy for Philip Seymour Hoffman.  A marvelous story from Moth-winning storyteller Kate Greathead.  And the whinging-oh, the whinging-of the trees.

Kate Greathead is a writer and a storyteller.  A four-time Moth Story Slam champion, her work has appeared or is forthcoming on NPR’s Moth Radio Hour, The Hairpin, and her college newspaper. She lives in Brooklyn. 

Matt Mercier: Japanese Hair Product

Matt Mercier (The Moth, RISK!) had no shortage of weird experiences during his stint as the manager of the Route 66 Youth Hostel in Albuquerque.  The strangest of all, however, occurred the night a Japanese film crew checked in to Room 8.

Don’t forget to join us this Thursday, December 5th, for the next installment of Dingmantics Live, where Matt told this story.  Tix just $5!